What Your Perscription Level Means For Choosing Eyeglasses & Frames

Fashion over function?

Sometimes this can work when wearing a nice pair of shoes out for a formal evening, but not when it comes to choosing the right vision correcting frames. Choosing inappropriate, but fashionable frames can often lead to reduced visual clarity over time.

pupillary distance.jpeg

Here sre some tips for choosing appropriate frames for YOU.

First, make sure the style frames you choose are able to handle the thickness of the lens required for proper vision correction. A very heavy perscription may make wearing wireframed glasses more difficult because they cannot handle the weight of the lens.

Second, consider your Pupillary Distance (The distance between the center of the pupils of each eye.) If the frames so not allow your eyes to be at the center of each lens, you may be in for slow, hard to pinpoint pain and increased vision problems.


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