Top Eyewear Trends for Fall 2013


Eyewear, like all other accessories and clothing, comes in many different styles. Eyewear styles  are constantly changing. Eyewear generally has more subtle changes than other clothing options, but ultimately, if you want to sport the latest eyewear trends in 2013, you need to follow take a look at these different new trends and eyewear options.

Cat Eye

Remember the horned rim glasses your great aunt use to rock when you were younger? Well, it’s back, although albeit not to the same extreme. These eyewear options do come to a softer, rounded point by the edge of the frames, but these are just variations of the look from the 60s that your aunt just couldn’t seem to let go.


Some of the top eyewear trends for Fall of 2013 come with rather dramatic patterns. This ranges from offer-colored leopard prints to bright, bold colors running throughout the glasses. These glasses are excellent options for anyone who likes to wear their fashion, and their emotion on their sleeves, so if this describes you, you might want to check out the dramatic patterns.

Colorful Arm Frames

You don’t have to have the same color or pattern throughout the entire eye glasses. This is one of the most popular trends of 2013 in that the arms of the frames do not necessarily have to match the same color as the front of the frames. This way, you can rock a completely different look, all while wearing the same exact frames. As some people might say “business in the front, party on the sides.”

Statement Frames

Statement frames feature a bold design and are usually made of thicker frames. These are  designed to draw attention directly to your eyes and your face, and they help create a rather dramatic look for your face, which is nice if you want to bring attention to your eyes or other features around your face.

Keyhole Detailing

The keyhole look comes in around the bridge of the glasses. It looks like the tip of a key is cut right under the bridge of the glasses and offers a nice, different look that again is directly from the 70s.

A good number of the top trends in 2013 are refreshed looks that have already come and gone, only with a new, fresh look to them. All of these options are going to help you look your very best and maintain the trending looks in the fall of 2013.

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Ben Taylor Optical Fall 2013 Eyewear Trends

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