The Hottest Eyewear Trends for Spring 2014

2014 Eyewear Trends

Spring is rapidly approaching and since it is the season of renewal, a lot of people think of a new look for themselves. New haircuts, new clothes and if you wear glasses, a new look there as well. But what are the hot eyewear trends for spring 2014 going to be?

2014 Trends To Watch

Here at Ben Taylor Optical we have a good idea of what to look for in the New Year. When it comes to everyone’s favorite accessory, there are quite a few optical innovations and sunglass products on the horizon. The biggest eyewear trends for spring 2014 to look for are:

  • Styles inspired by the craze in social media. This line from manufacturers like Carrera and Maui Jim offer tinted lenses…to let the viewer see the world through rose-colored glasses as it were. Or golden lenses giving a sepia effect. Joining the tinted effects are nostalgic designs such as wooden frames, soft bubble shapes and the return of the tortoise print.
  • The algebraic look. Designs that center on angular shapes are going to be hot this year as well. Some optic companies are going with triangular and hexagonal lenses with a heavy emphasis on the brow. The frames from designers like Randy Jackson and others compliment the look with bold black and white patterns and a statement that a lack of shine does not equal a lack of elegance.
  • The colors of spring are the next big trend coming too. Soft, earthy greens and pinks along with floral prints from Valentino, Caviar and Dolce & Gabbana among others lead the way. Other designs to look for are sparkles and studs rounding out this fantasy look.
  • The ocean offers the final eyewear trends for spring 2014 with her colors. Blues, teals and turquoises fill out this trend as the projected most popular colors of 2014. Clear frames will pioneer a floating lens look along with minimalist and glass-textured frames. By far the most exciting looks of the new year are here.

What Else Is Coming?

Designers like Prada are going for the “false clip-on” looks this year too. For both men and women this look features a thin metal bar across the top giving the tinted lenses the look of being clip-ons. Another forecast is a return to the cat’s eye frames for women and the classic Ray Ban aviator frames for men. Finally, other retro looks being embraced by fashionistas for eyewear trends for spring 2014 are the bold chunky and over-sized roundframes. Remember them? The ones you would hide from the world if you could.

Anything Else I Should Know?

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