Make a Bold Fashion Statement With Designer Eyewear

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The first pair of eyeglasses to be made was in the 13th century in Italy. The main reasons eyeglasses were needed back then was boosting an individual’s vision. Gradually, many advances have been made to come up with better, more sophisticated and multitasking eyeglasses. Designer eyeglasses are no doubt the greatest invention in the field of research for eyewear. Varied brands of designer eyeglasses that suit an individual’s particular needs are now readily available.

The pros of designer eyeglasses

Designer eyeglasses have overwhelming benefits. First and foremost, wearing designer eyeglasses will give you an added exclusive look. The kind of classy look that makes you stick out like a sore thumb in a crowd because you look stunning in your eyeglasses. In fact, there’s no better way to accessorize your outfit than with a pair of designer eyeglasses.

Furthermore, designer eyewear adds up a great deal to improving your visual health. They are uniquely designed to protect your eyes from harmful sun’s rays. These eyeglasses will also shield you from dust, wind among other external elements. Probably, you fall into the category of people who relish partying the whole night. Designer eyewear may come in handy to conceal your bloodshot red eyes the following morning.

Types of designer eyeglasses

Prada is an expression of superior and unquestionable style in the fashion industry. These eyeglasses have an elegant frame, rectangular in shape making it ideal for an array of face shapes. The frame usually comes in a range of colors. This designer eyewear is unisex. They are designed in such an exceptional way that they blend well with both the casual wear and an official outlook.

Another brand of Ben Taylor Optical’s designer glasses is Versace. This particular one has its wings soaring in the field of designer glasses. It has its origin from an Italian fashion design maniac. Like its former ‘prada’ it is exclusively classy. You will find many celebrities wearing this trendy designer eyewear for its outstanding look. Its rectangular shape blends perfectly well with the frame that comes in a multitude of colors to choose from. You are less likely to worry when it comes to this brand’s durability.

The Lindberg eyeglasses speak volumes about the great art put in to manufacture these designer glasses. Though manufactured from titanium and acetate, they are lightweight. These glasses are probably the only eyeglasses that do no utilize screws, rivets and welds to hold the glasses together. They are so uniquely designed that they do not require these additional details; screws and welds. Lindberg’s frames come in a range of shapes. They can be rectangular, round or oval. Lindberg glasses have a thin frame.

Founded in 1921, Gucci now seems to have landed its feet in the field of thriving eyewear firms. They too are unisex. A pair of Gucci eyeglasses can be blue, black or golden just to mention a few. Its frame could be rimless or semi-rimless. All these exquisite features and more make it a high market target.

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