logo950x300We offer a variety of high quality lenses to go with our frames. The highest of quality is always the most important factor when we are offering any new line of optical products for sale. The best lenses we carry are arguably the Crizal Lens.

The Elements of a Lens.

A lens is comprised of three elements

  1. The Surface |  This is the corrective portion of the lens. Each sight problem translates into a unique feature on the surface of the lens.
  2. The Material | The main body of the lens is comprised of a unique material. The material is most often determined by the wearers individual style and comfort requirements.
  3. The Coating | The coating offers features that the lenses by themselves would otherwise lack. Reducing glare, optimizing sight for the ocean and extra UV protection are common coating features.

crystal_clear_ice_to_highdefinition_picture_3_166577Ben Taylor Optical is an authorized dealer of Varilux progressive , Zeiss progressive , and Multigressive lenses.

Outfit your frames with Single Vision, Bifocal, Trifocal, Progressive, Computer or Transition lenses including ultraviolet (UV) and/or Anti-Reflective coatings to help bring your world into focus.