Choosing Glasses For Your Face Shape

Ben Taylor Designer Fort Worth Eyewear

Your eyewear expresses your style and personality. Choosing the right type of eyewear for your face shape makes good fashion sense. Here are some tips for choosing the best eyewear for your face shape.


Try some symmetrical or geometrically angled frames. Think rectangle, straight, or flat frames to slim your face.    


Rounded or circular shaped frames look great and are very flattering.


The sky is the limit when it comes to what frames will fit your face. Be daring and creative while trying different types of frames.


You may want to try frames that have accents on the top part of the frames. As this height will offset some of the length of your face.


You can go for the classic and chic look of the cat eye. Frames with no edges will look great too.


Look for frames that are tapered and thin. Circular frames are a great option for you too!


Look for thicker frames to compliment your face shape.

Overall, while looking for the perfect set of glasses take out the time to find out what your eyewear looks best for your face shape. Stop by Ben Taylor Optical today and let us help you find the perfect pair of glasses for the upcoming fall season.


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