Celebrate President’s Day with Ben Taylor Optical – Presidential Eyewear

My he looks dashing!

My he looks dashing!

In honor of President’s Day we wanted to take a look back at some of the United States most famous men in glasses. While many Presidents have worn glasses  some wore theirs more publicly than others.

Teddy Roosevelt and Harry Truman were the most often photographed Presidents in their glasses. Truman opted for rimmed glasses with round lenses. While Roosevelt wore a style of glasses called pince-nez, which featured a C-bridge.  Roosevelt’s chosen style of choice made him a trendsetter in his day.

John F. Kennedy, while not often photgraphed in his eyeglasses,  was known to wear Ray-Ban Wyfair sunglasses publicly.

George Washington was the first president to wear eyewear. His eyewear, which looks extremely bulky to us now, is on display at Independence Hall in Philadelphia. Abraham Lincoln was also known to wear glasses and there are two pairs of his glasses in the Library of Congress.

Like politics, eyewear has gone through a variety of changes over the years. One thing remains the same that everyone, including our country’s most powerfeul men, need to take care of their eyes. Stop by Ben Taylor Optical where we will give you the presidential treatment  and find the perfect eyewear for you!



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