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My he looks dashing!

My he looks dashing!

In honor of President’s Day we wanted to take a look back at some of the United States most famous men in glasses. While many Presidents have worn glasses  some wore theirs more publicly than others.

Teddy Roosevelt and Harry Truman were the most often photographed Presidents in their glasses. Truman opted for rimmed glasses with round lenses. While Roosevelt wore a style of glasses called pince-nez, which featured a C-bridge.  Roosevelt’s chosen style of choice made him a trendsetter in his day.

John F. Kennedy, while not often photgraphed in his eyeglasses,  was known to wear Ray-Ban Wyfair sunglasses publicly.

George Washington was the first president to wear eyewear. His eyewear, which looks extremely bulky to us now, is on display at Independence Hall in Philadelphia. Abraham Lincoln was also known to wear glasses and there are two pairs of his glasses in the Library of Congress.

Like politics, eyewear has gone through a variety of changes over the years. One thing remains the same that everyone, including our country’s most powerfeul men, need to take care of their eyes. Stop by Ben Taylor Optical where we will give you the presidential treatment  and find the perfect eyewear for you!



Infographic; Wow You Have the Most Amazing Eyes…

I bet you thought you just read a cheezy pick-up line.

You didn’t.

Your eyes really are amazing!

Eyes are actually one of the most amazing parts of the human body. While you have had them your entire life, you may not really know a lot about them!

We hope this inforgrahic opens your eyes to some of the amazing facts and functions of your eyes!



So you see your eyes are AMAZING. Since they are so amazing and you only have two of them make sure to take care of them by getting an annual eye exam and wearing high quality eyewear.

2013 Eyewear Trends


This year the trend for eyewear is classic yet bold. You will see a movement towards darker lenses and square frames.

Nerd glasses are being replaced with military style glasses.

Cat eye glasses are all the rage for ladies. Many of these frames will feature bright colors or patterns.

For the men you will see strong metals and vintage styling- think James Dean in the 1950s.

Classic aviators sunglasses are hot for both men and women this year.


See our top picks for 2013 below:

  • Gucci’s Metal Aviators
  • Oliver Peoples Parsons
  • Acentanium Glasses by Lindberg

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Film’s Greatest Frames: 6th Annual Lone Star Film Festival

The 6th Annual Lone Star Film Festival has begun!

The festival is presented by the Lone Star Film Society, a non-profit organization, whose purpose is to cultivate an appreciation and understanding motion picture as an art form and to showcase our great city of Fort Worth to the world.

To celebrate this great event and our love for both film and frames, we wanted to take a look at famous characters that are memorable partly due to their frames!

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Just for Fun: Spectacular Spooky Spectacles for Halloween Costumes

Every once in a while it is time to make the ultimate choice: trick or treat? Here are a few classic Halloween costume optical accessories from your favorite Fort Worth Eyewear Store. Please note: As this is a “just for fun” post, these choices are only available at external websites.

The Classic Wayfarer

This versatile classic can be used in an almost infinite number of ways. Throw some tape on it for that “nerdy chic” look, or add some bad teeth and a dash of velvet for the groovy Austin Powers vibe.

The Wizard of Abbey Road

Whether your aim is to become one half of the greatest songwriting duo in history or to graduate from Hogwarts, these circular specs will take you there.

The Aviator

The mirrored aviators a perfect for those times when you need fly with top guns, or even patrol the highways.

Fit for The King

Grab a peanut butter and banana sandwich, and a sequined white jumpsuit. 50,000,000 Elvis fans can’t be wrong!


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