Choosing Glasses For Your Face Shape

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Your eyewear expresses your style and personality. Choosing the right type of eyewear for your face shape makes good fashion sense. Here are some tips for choosing the best eyewear for your face shape.


Try some symmetrical or geometrically angled frames. Think rectangle, straight, or flat frames to slim your face.    


Rounded or circular shaped frames look great and are very flattering.


The sky is the limit when it comes to what frames will fit your face. Be daring and creative while trying different types of frames.


You may want to try frames that have accents on the top part of the frames. As this height will offset some of the length of your face.


You can go for the classic and chic look of the cat eye. Frames with no edges will look great too.


Look for frames that are tapered and thin. Circular frames are a great option for you too!


Look for thicker frames to compliment your face shape.

Overall, while looking for the perfect set of glasses take out the time to find out what your eyewear looks best for your face shape. Stop by Ben Taylor Optical today and let us help you find the perfect pair of glasses for the upcoming fall season.


Top Eyewear Trends for Fall 2013


Eyewear, like all other accessories and clothing, comes in many different styles. Eyewear styles  are constantly changing. Eyewear generally has more subtle changes than other clothing options, but ultimately, if you want to sport the latest eyewear trends in 2013, you need to follow take a look at these different new trends and eyewear options.

Cat Eye

Remember the horned rim glasses your great aunt use to rock when you were younger? Well, it’s back, although albeit not to the same extreme. These eyewear options do come to a softer, rounded point by the edge of the frames, but these are just variations of the look from the 60s that your aunt just couldn’t seem to let go.


Some of the top eyewear trends for Fall of 2013 come with rather dramatic patterns. This ranges from offer-colored leopard prints to bright, bold colors running throughout the glasses. These glasses are excellent options for anyone who likes to wear their fashion, and their emotion on their sleeves, so if this describes you, you might want to check out the dramatic patterns.

Colorful Arm Frames

You don’t have to have the same color or pattern throughout the entire eye glasses. This is one of the most popular trends of 2013 in that the arms of the frames do not necessarily have to match the same color as the front of the frames. This way, you can rock a completely different look, all while wearing the same exact frames. As some people might say “business in the front, party on the sides.”

Statement Frames

Statement frames feature a bold design and are usually made of thicker frames. These are  designed to draw attention directly to your eyes and your face, and they help create a rather dramatic look for your face, which is nice if you want to bring attention to your eyes or other features around your face.

Keyhole Detailing

The keyhole look comes in around the bridge of the glasses. It looks like the tip of a key is cut right under the bridge of the glasses and offers a nice, different look that again is directly from the 70s.

A good number of the top trends in 2013 are refreshed looks that have already come and gone, only with a new, fresh look to them. All of these options are going to help you look your very best and maintain the trending looks in the fall of 2013.

Stop by Ben Taylor Optical today and let us help you find the perfect frames for you!

Ben Taylor Optical Fall 2013 Eyewear Trends

Extreme Makeover: Ben Taylor Optical Edition

We completed our store remodel a few weeks ago and we wanted to share with you all of the great changes we have made!


We have changed out everything from lighting to flooring. We have replaced the furniture and fixtures. We made the store bright and airy! The new layout allows us to interact with our customers in a whole new way!


The new feel of the store is open and contemporary. We hope that all of our clients enjoy the new store as much as we do! Below are some pictures showing the office before, during and after the remodel.


Somethings that haven’t changed are our ability to provide the best selection of unique designer frames at the best price and our commitment to provide the best service. At Ben Taylor Optical you are more than a customer, you are family. Stop by and check out the changes and while your are here take a look at all of the great frames for 2013!

Before the Remodel

Before the Remodel

During the remodel

During the Remodel

Ben Taylor Optical Remodeled

Ben Taylor Optical Remodeled

Designer Frame Wall - Ben Taylor Optical Remodeled

Designer Frame Wall – Ben Taylor Optical Remodeled

Designer Frame Walls - Ben Taylor Optical Remodeled

Designer Frame Walls – Ben Taylor Optical Remodeled

New Displays at Ben Taylor Optical

New Displays at Ben Taylor Optical

Sitting Area in Newly Remodeled Ben Taylor Optical

Sitting Area in Newly Remodeled Ben Taylor Optical






10 Simple Eyewear Care Tips from Ben Taylor Optical

Your glasses are an investment in you! Here are some helpful tips to prolong the life of your glasses.
  1. Keep your glasses or sunglasses in a case. This protects your eyewear when it is not in use.
  2. Never rest your glasses on their lenses. Lenses can get scratched even though they have protective coating.
  3. Clean your lenses and frames regularly. Use a microfiber lens cloth when cleaning your lenses.
  4. Use both of your hands when taking your glasses off. When you use only one hand, one of the earpieces may become stretched and the screws may loosen on that side.
  5. Avoid using ammonia based products when cleaning your glasses as it may remove the protective coating.
  6. Avoid touching your lenses.
  7. Seek professional help! Opticians know how to help you maintain your eyewear.
  8. Don’t store your glasses in places of extreme heat or cold.
  9. Keep a mini screwdriver handy to tighten any screws that have become loose in your frames.
  10. Avoid spraying hairspray around your glasses. Hairspray can damage the lens coatings.


What Your Perscription Level Means For Choosing Eyeglasses & Frames

Fashion over function?

Sometimes this can work when wearing a nice pair of shoes out for a formal evening, but not when it comes to choosing the right vision correcting frames. Choosing inappropriate, but fashionable frames can often lead to reduced visual clarity over time.

pupillary distance.jpeg

Here sre some tips for choosing appropriate frames for YOU.

First, make sure the style frames you choose are able to handle the thickness of the lens required for proper vision correction. A very heavy perscription may make wearing wireframed glasses more difficult because they cannot handle the weight of the lens.

Second, consider your Pupillary Distance (The distance between the center of the pupils of each eye.) If the frames so not allow your eyes to be at the center of each lens, you may be in for slow, hard to pinpoint pain and increased vision problems.


New Designer Glasses Cases Available at BTO

Come in and see our new line of designer cases this holiday!

Fort Worth Optical Store Delivers Luxury Eyewear for Decades

Since 1981, Ben Taylor Optical has been providing the Metroplex with high-quality products and personal service. The high-end fashionable brand catalog of over 1200 frames is only outmatched by the quality of the finished products themselves. Second-generation owner Paul Taylor hand-finishes each pairing of lens and frame. “We thrive on repeat business and referrals. Our customers tend to come back to us for many years, and best of all… they recommend us to their friends.”

The Fort Worth luxury eyewear & optical store carries high-end brands like italee 2.5, Prada, and Oliver Peoples.