Make a Bold Fashion Statement With Designer Eyewear

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The first pair of eyeglasses to be made was in the 13th century in Italy. The main reasons eyeglasses were needed back then was boosting an individual’s vision. Gradually, many advances have been made to come up with better, more sophisticated and multitasking eyeglasses. Designer eyeglasses are no doubt the greatest invention in the field of research for eyewear. Varied brands of designer eyeglasses that suit an individual’s particular needs are now readily available.

The pros of designer eyeglasses

Designer eyeglasses have overwhelming benefits. First and foremost, wearing designer eyeglasses will give you an added exclusive look. The kind of classy look that makes you stick out like a sore thumb in a crowd because you look stunning in your eyeglasses. In fact, there’s no better way to accessorize your outfit than with a pair of designer eyeglasses.

Furthermore, designer eyewear adds up a great deal to improving your visual health. They are uniquely designed to protect your eyes from harmful sun’s rays. These eyeglasses will also shield you from dust, wind among other external elements. Probably, you fall into the category of people who relish partying the whole night. Designer eyewear may come in handy to conceal your bloodshot red eyes the following morning.

Types of designer eyeglasses

Prada is an expression of superior and unquestionable style in the fashion industry. These eyeglasses have an elegant frame, rectangular in shape making it ideal for an array of face shapes. The frame usually comes in a range of colors. This designer eyewear is unisex. They are designed in such an exceptional way that they blend well with both the casual wear and an official outlook.

Another brand of Ben Taylor Optical’s designer glasses is Versace. This particular one has its wings soaring in the field of designer glasses. It has its origin from an Italian fashion design maniac. Like its former ‘prada’ it is exclusively classy. You will find many celebrities wearing this trendy designer eyewear for its outstanding look. Its rectangular shape blends perfectly well with the frame that comes in a multitude of colors to choose from. You are less likely to worry when it comes to this brand’s durability.

The Lindberg eyeglasses speak volumes about the great art put in to manufacture these designer glasses. Though manufactured from titanium and acetate, they are lightweight. These glasses are probably the only eyeglasses that do no utilize screws, rivets and welds to hold the glasses together. They are so uniquely designed that they do not require these additional details; screws and welds. Lindberg’s frames come in a range of shapes. They can be rectangular, round or oval. Lindberg glasses have a thin frame.

Founded in 1921, Gucci now seems to have landed its feet in the field of thriving eyewear firms. They too are unisex. A pair of Gucci eyeglasses can be blue, black or golden just to mention a few. Its frame could be rimless or semi-rimless. All these exquisite features and more make it a high market target.

Visit Ben Taylor Optical for the latest on designer eyewear.

The Hottest Eyewear Trends for Spring 2014

2014 Eyewear Trends

Spring is rapidly approaching and since it is the season of renewal, a lot of people think of a new look for themselves. New haircuts, new clothes and if you wear glasses, a new look there as well. But what are the hot eyewear trends for spring 2014 going to be?

2014 Trends To Watch

Here at Ben Taylor Optical we have a good idea of what to look for in the New Year. When it comes to everyone’s favorite accessory, there are quite a few optical innovations and sunglass products on the horizon. The biggest eyewear trends for spring 2014 to look for are:

  • Styles inspired by the craze in social media. This line from manufacturers like Carrera and Maui Jim offer tinted lenses…to let the viewer see the world through rose-colored glasses as it were. Or golden lenses giving a sepia effect. Joining the tinted effects are nostalgic designs such as wooden frames, soft bubble shapes and the return of the tortoise print.
  • The algebraic look. Designs that center on angular shapes are going to be hot this year as well. Some optic companies are going with triangular and hexagonal lenses with a heavy emphasis on the brow. The frames from designers like Randy Jackson and others compliment the look with bold black and white patterns and a statement that a lack of shine does not equal a lack of elegance.
  • The colors of spring are the next big trend coming too. Soft, earthy greens and pinks along with floral prints from Valentino, Caviar and Dolce & Gabbana among others lead the way. Other designs to look for are sparkles and studs rounding out this fantasy look.
  • The ocean offers the final eyewear trends for spring 2014 with her colors. Blues, teals and turquoises fill out this trend as the projected most popular colors of 2014. Clear frames will pioneer a floating lens look along with minimalist and glass-textured frames. By far the most exciting looks of the new year are here.

What Else Is Coming?

Designers like Prada are going for the “false clip-on” looks this year too. For both men and women this look features a thin metal bar across the top giving the tinted lenses the look of being clip-ons. Another forecast is a return to the cat’s eye frames for women and the classic Ray Ban aviator frames for men. Finally, other retro looks being embraced by fashionistas for eyewear trends for spring 2014 are the bold chunky and over-sized roundframes. Remember them? The ones you would hide from the world if you could.

Anything Else I Should Know?

Absolutely! You should know that Ben Taylor Optical in Fort Worth is the place you need to go for all your optical needs. They carry over 1200 frames in stock from some of the most sought-after designers today. Ben Taylor can customize any combination of frames with Single Vision, Bifocal, Trifocal, Progressive, Computer or Transition lenses including ultraviolet (UV) and/or Anti-Reflective coatings to help bring your world into focus and keep you at the top of the stylish list.

You should also know that Ben Taylor Optical has the most competitive prices and the best brands with as well as an insight to the hottest eyewear trends for spring 2014. Designers like Dolce & Gabbana, Italee 2.5, Laura Ashley and many more are waiting there for you now. Visit online and see what eyeglass and sunglass wearers already know; for the best look and fit, Ben Taylor Optical is the place to go and has been since 1981. Ben Taylor Optical. Stylish eyewear, Taylor made.

Find Your Perfect Frames – Catch the Wave of Fashion

Ben Taylor Optical Eyewear for Everyone

If you are farsighted or nearsighted, don’t think of it as a problem. You can embrace your visual deficit with frames that add to your accessories! You certainly do not need to limit yourself to one pair of glasses, add to your wardrobe as you might shoes or jewelry. After all, there are even people who buy glasses with nothing but plain glass inside, because they like the look! There is eyewear for everyone.

Update Your Personal Prescription

Before you buy, have your eyes checked by a trained optician. Think about what you need your glasses for the most. Do you wear glasses for distance or for reading, or both? If you require bifocals, then your choices become even more important as your glasses are on most of the time, except when you sleep. And, if you spend time in the sun, you will probably need prescription sunglasses as well as indoor pairs.

Find the Style That is Best for You

Glasses are a fashion statement, or should be. You should not just settle for anything. You should enjoy your glasses and feel good about the way they look on you. Therefore, you should shop where there is a large selection and with someone who is happy to show you that selection and make recommendations based on their experience fitting eyewear. Many fashion designers also design frames, such as Calvin Klein, Dior, Prada and Laura Ashley. Ray Ban is a well-known brand for sunglasses. But some of the lesser known names such as Lamy, Maui Jim and Brendel are also great looks in well-made frames.

Care should be given in finding the best lens, of course. Not only should it meet your prescription, but also your needs as far as the material for comfort and durability and the coating also for durability, to protect against UV rays and also anti-reflection. You don’t need to wear contact lenses or have corrective surgery. Show off your style while correcting your vision, with the designer eyewear of your choice. Yes, there is eyewear for everyone. It is just a matter of finding what suits you, while meeting your needs.

Some Pointers on Selecting Designer Eyewear for Men

Men can trust Ben Taylor Optical for all of their eyewear needs.

When choosing a new pair of glasses, there are a lot of different aspects to consider in your effort to find the perfect pair. Your new eyeglasses will likely become an essential part of your everyday life, so you want to be sure you are buying a pair that makes you completely happy. For men, the look may be important, however there are perhaps more significant eyeglass qualities to be aware of before worrying about the style. Below are some pointers to help direct you towards making the right decision when it comes to getting your new set of frames.

The Fit

You absolutely want eyeglass frames that will conform the right way to your facial features. No one wants frames that chafe the top of their ears or dig into their temples. You also don’t want to have to constantly push your glasses back up the brim of your nose. Researching your eyewear face shape will help you find the pair that suits you best. It may surprise you to learn just how many eyewear face shapes there are!

The Durability

Once you’ve figured out your eyewear face shape, the next thing to evaluate is how sturdy the glasses are. Do you live an active lifestyle? Maybe bendable frames are something to think about. How do the eyeglasses feel in your hands? Carefully holding the frames can give a good sense of their fragility. Your eyeglass frames are an investment, and you want to make sure they’ll weather whatever you might put them through.

The Look

Give a variety of frames a test wear to find what best works for you. If you’re looking for subtlety then transparent, black, or brown frames are old standards. If you want some flare, you could go for colored frames in what ever shade you’d like. If you’re interested in the current fashion, vintage frames have been making a recent comeback. Ultimately, just try and find the frames that feel most right to you.

For more advice as well as quality service for your eyewear needs, contact the experts at Ben Taylor Optical. A family-owned business, Ben Taylor Optical has been proudly serving the Fort Worth area since 1981.

Choosing Glasses For Your Face Shape

Ben Taylor Designer Fort Worth Eyewear

Your eyewear expresses your style and personality. Choosing the right type of eyewear for your face shape makes good fashion sense. Here are some tips for choosing the best eyewear for your face shape.


Try some symmetrical or geometrically angled frames. Think rectangle, straight, or flat frames to slim your face.    


Rounded or circular shaped frames look great and are very flattering.


The sky is the limit when it comes to what frames will fit your face. Be daring and creative while trying different types of frames.


You may want to try frames that have accents on the top part of the frames. As this height will offset some of the length of your face.


You can go for the classic and chic look of the cat eye. Frames with no edges will look great too.


Look for frames that are tapered and thin. Circular frames are a great option for you too!


Look for thicker frames to compliment your face shape.

Overall, while looking for the perfect set of glasses take out the time to find out what your eyewear looks best for your face shape. Stop by Ben Taylor Optical today and let us help you find the perfect pair of glasses for the upcoming fall season.


Top Eyewear Trends for Fall 2013


Eyewear, like all other accessories and clothing, comes in many different styles. Eyewear styles  are constantly changing. Eyewear generally has more subtle changes than other clothing options, but ultimately, if you want to sport the latest eyewear trends in 2013, you need to follow take a look at these different new trends and eyewear options.

Cat Eye

Remember the horned rim glasses your great aunt use to rock when you were younger? Well, it’s back, although albeit not to the same extreme. These eyewear options do come to a softer, rounded point by the edge of the frames, but these are just variations of the look from the 60s that your aunt just couldn’t seem to let go.


Some of the top eyewear trends for Fall of 2013 come with rather dramatic patterns. This ranges from offer-colored leopard prints to bright, bold colors running throughout the glasses. These glasses are excellent options for anyone who likes to wear their fashion, and their emotion on their sleeves, so if this describes you, you might want to check out the dramatic patterns.

Colorful Arm Frames

You don’t have to have the same color or pattern throughout the entire eye glasses. This is one of the most popular trends of 2013 in that the arms of the frames do not necessarily have to match the same color as the front of the frames. This way, you can rock a completely different look, all while wearing the same exact frames. As some people might say “business in the front, party on the sides.”

Statement Frames

Statement frames feature a bold design and are usually made of thicker frames. These are  designed to draw attention directly to your eyes and your face, and they help create a rather dramatic look for your face, which is nice if you want to bring attention to your eyes or other features around your face.

Keyhole Detailing

The keyhole look comes in around the bridge of the glasses. It looks like the tip of a key is cut right under the bridge of the glasses and offers a nice, different look that again is directly from the 70s.

A good number of the top trends in 2013 are refreshed looks that have already come and gone, only with a new, fresh look to them. All of these options are going to help you look your very best and maintain the trending looks in the fall of 2013.

Stop by Ben Taylor Optical today and let us help you find the perfect frames for you!

Ben Taylor Optical Fall 2013 Eyewear Trends

Extreme Makeover: Ben Taylor Optical Edition

We completed our store remodel a few weeks ago and we wanted to share with you all of the great changes we have made!


We have changed out everything from lighting to flooring. We have replaced the furniture and fixtures. We made the store bright and airy! The new layout allows us to interact with our customers in a whole new way!


The new feel of the store is open and contemporary. We hope that all of our clients enjoy the new store as much as we do! Below are some pictures showing the office before, during and after the remodel.


Somethings that haven’t changed are our ability to provide the best selection of unique designer frames at the best price and our commitment to provide the best service. At Ben Taylor Optical you are more than a customer, you are family. Stop by and check out the changes and while your are here take a look at all of the great frames for 2013!

Before the Remodel

Before the Remodel

During the remodel

During the Remodel

Ben Taylor Optical Remodeled

Ben Taylor Optical Remodeled

Designer Frame Wall - Ben Taylor Optical Remodeled

Designer Frame Wall – Ben Taylor Optical Remodeled

Designer Frame Walls - Ben Taylor Optical Remodeled

Designer Frame Walls – Ben Taylor Optical Remodeled

New Displays at Ben Taylor Optical

New Displays at Ben Taylor Optical

Sitting Area in Newly Remodeled Ben Taylor Optical

Sitting Area in Newly Remodeled Ben Taylor Optical






Celebrate President’s Day with Ben Taylor Optical – Presidential Eyewear

My he looks dashing!

My he looks dashing!

In honor of President’s Day we wanted to take a look back at some of the United States most famous men in glasses. While many Presidents have worn glasses  some wore theirs more publicly than others.

Teddy Roosevelt and Harry Truman were the most often photographed Presidents in their glasses. Truman opted for rimmed glasses with round lenses. While Roosevelt wore a style of glasses called pince-nez, which featured a C-bridge.  Roosevelt’s chosen style of choice made him a trendsetter in his day.

John F. Kennedy, while not often photgraphed in his eyeglasses,  was known to wear Ray-Ban Wyfair sunglasses publicly.

George Washington was the first president to wear eyewear. His eyewear, which looks extremely bulky to us now, is on display at Independence Hall in Philadelphia. Abraham Lincoln was also known to wear glasses and there are two pairs of his glasses in the Library of Congress.

Like politics, eyewear has gone through a variety of changes over the years. One thing remains the same that everyone, including our country’s most powerfeul men, need to take care of their eyes. Stop by Ben Taylor Optical where we will give you the presidential treatment  and find the perfect eyewear for you!



Infographic; Wow You Have the Most Amazing Eyes…

I bet you thought you just read a cheezy pick-up line.

You didn’t.

Your eyes really are amazing!

Eyes are actually one of the most amazing parts of the human body. While you have had them your entire life, you may not really know a lot about them!

We hope this inforgrahic opens your eyes to some of the amazing facts and functions of your eyes!



So you see your eyes are AMAZING. Since they are so amazing and you only have two of them make sure to take care of them by getting an annual eye exam and wearing high quality eyewear.

10 Simple Eyewear Care Tips from Ben Taylor Optical

Your glasses are an investment in you! Here are some helpful tips to prolong the life of your glasses.
  1. Keep your glasses or sunglasses in a case. This protects your eyewear when it is not in use.
  2. Never rest your glasses on their lenses. Lenses can get scratched even though they have protective coating.
  3. Clean your lenses and frames regularly. Use a microfiber lens cloth when cleaning your lenses.
  4. Use both of your hands when taking your glasses off. When you use only one hand, one of the earpieces may become stretched and the screws may loosen on that side.
  5. Avoid using ammonia based products when cleaning your glasses as it may remove the protective coating.
  6. Avoid touching your lenses.
  7. Seek professional help! Opticians know how to help you maintain your eyewear.
  8. Don’t store your glasses in places of extreme heat or cold.
  9. Keep a mini screwdriver handy to tighten any screws that have become loose in your frames.
  10. Avoid spraying hairspray around your glasses. Hairspray can damage the lens coatings.