10 Simple Eyewear Care Tips from Ben Taylor Optical

Your glasses are an investment in you! Here are some helpful tips to prolong the life of your glasses.
  1. Keep your glasses or sunglasses in a case. This protects your eyewear when it is not in use.
  2. Never rest your glasses on their lenses. Lenses can get scratched even though they have protective coating.
  3. Clean your lenses and frames regularly. Use a microfiber lens cloth when cleaning your lenses.
  4. Use both of your hands when taking your glasses off. When you use only one hand, one of the earpieces may become stretched and the screws may loosen on that side.
  5. Avoid using ammonia based products when cleaning your glasses as it may remove the protective coating.
  6. Avoid touching your lenses.
  7. Seek professional help! Opticians know how to help you maintain your eyewear.
  8. Don’t store your glasses in places of extreme heat or cold.
  9. Keep a mini screwdriver handy to tighten any screws that have become loose in your frames.
  10. Avoid spraying hairspray around your glasses. Hairspray can damage the lens coatings.


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